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"DJ Precaution performed at my

event on 7/20-7/21/18 for my beautiful wedding and reception in Fremont DJ precaution is a family friend and recommendation. My wedding and reception so DJ Precaution had a challenging job that was no match him! He mixed in my personal of English/Indian/Mexican music to his style. I kid you not, no one left the dance floor! People where dancing until they had to leave. My husband was so impressed. Both of our Mexican and Indian were all on the dance floor at once it was Banda or Bhangra! So easy to work with, helped me with my program and guided my hosts and performers for time. Everything went with DJ precaution. He lifted all my worries as a bride. I recommend DJ Precaution for your wedding, birthday parties, reception etc. He is fun and has as a DJ. More a party not only for the Indian community but for all the beautiful races and cultures out there! 10/10, I'd recommend him again! 

GINA KUMAR South San Francisco CA


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